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Thursday, December 01, 2005

November 2005


This is Vol. I, No. 1 of a series of occasional pieces written for my own amusement and the edification of an elite group of readers. This is not a letter, so it need not be answered, or even acknowledged (although it would be nice to hear if you enjoyed it). And certainly no one is expected to agree with it. Nor is it a comprehensive report of everything or anything. It is simply what I feel like putting down on paper at this moment. And it may save my great-grandchildren the trouble of research to find out what that old guy thought.

Politics. I think the media, as is its wont, overhyped the "worst week of the Bush presidency." Had Rove been indicted, that would have been trouble, both because of the embarrassment and because of the loss of Rove’s services. And I suppose he still might be. But until then, nothing has happened that they can’t recover from quickly. Hardly a thousand people know who Libby and Miers are now; in a month it will be a few hundred. What’s producing the 39% approval rating is Iraq, pure and simple. And if American soldiers are still getting killed, in whatever number, at the time Bush leaves office, he’ll leave with a 39% rating, or lower.

I began to be afraid early on that the trashing of Harriet Miers was going to lead to a much worse nomination, and so it proved. I doubt that she would have been a distinguished justice, but the evidence suggested she had decent instincts that one might expect to surface now and then. It suggested to me, as I have long suspected, that Bush doesn’t really share the fanaticism of the religious right. His instincts are pro-business, pro-sports, pro-gun, and pro his friends. Left to himself, he has no particular desire to pack the court with anyone except his pro-business, pro-sports buddies. But of course, as he found out, they won’t leave him to himself. He failed to realize that Armageddon is upon us, in these the End Times, and only a court majority that will be Raptured intact is acceptable. The next Justice, whether Alito or someone else, will be just another lockstep vote for a conservative majority. (The GOP candidate will be elected by a much wider majority in the future! 6-3 instead of 5-4,


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